Selena Gomez broke down after news of Justin Bieber’s marriage

Selena Gomez got admitted in the hospital because she hasn’t been able to move on from Justin Bieber.

Reports have it that part of the reasons Selena Gomez broke down and got admitted in the hospital is because she couldn’t handle the news of former bae, Justin Bieber’s marriage.

According to PEOPLE, Justin Bieber’s new romance and marriage had a huge impact on Selena Gomez which broke her down.

“Selena can be a delicate flower, especially because she has had constant medical struggles, but Justin’s engagement and quick marriage threw her off guard and hit her hard,’“a source revealed.

“Justin was her first big love, and she isn’t over him. She and Justin have been on and off for years, although they were so young when it all began,” sources told DailyMail. It would be recalled that a few days ago, the news of Selena Gomez getting admitted in the hospital after emotional breakdown broke the Internet.

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Selena Gomez admitted in hospital after emotional breakdown

Selena Gomez has been admitted to a hospitalfollowing what has been termed an ‘Emotional breakdown.’ PEOPLE reports that the award-winning singer had been admitted to the hospital after suffering from low white blood cells, which is related to patients with Kidney transplants.

However, while in the hospital, Selena broke down and is now being treated for an emotional breakdown. “She has had a tough few weeks and the panic attack in the hospital was the tipping point,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“She realized she needed to seek additional help for her ongoing emotional issues. She’s surrounded by close family and has a lot of support. She’s doing better now and is seeking treatment on the East Coast,” the source also told PEOPLE.

According to PEOPLE, Selena is presently dialectical behavior therapy, a therapy method designed to help try to identify, and then change, negative thinking and behavioral patterns.

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