Davido’s newly acquired wristwatch is worth N90.2M!

Davido is spoiling himself for all his hardwork so far this year with a wristwatch whose price is enough to buy a duplex.

When you work so hard and make so much money, then it ok to spoil yourself with all the goodies and that’s exact;y what Davido has done by acquiring a wristwatch worth N90.2M.

Believe it guys, Davido has a thing for luxury items and when he decides to buy an item, be sure that it is going to be pretty expensive.

Davido shared a photo of his pretty expensive diamond encrusted Franc Vila wristwatch on his Instagram page on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. In his usual manner, he captioned the photo of the watch with the quote “Nu nu.”

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Nu nu

A post shared by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial)

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Nu nu

A post shared by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial)

Davido’s flamboyant lifestyle is one that cant be compared to any other celebrity from this part of the world. From his expensive fleet of cars to actually buying a private jet, the list is endless of the luxury properties in his will are not your everyday kind of properties.

Recall a few months ago, Davido actually shocked everyone when he shared photos of his newly acquired private jet.

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Check out photos of Davido’s newly acquired private jet!

Davido has stepped up his game as he has gotten for himself a private jet. The music star took to his Instagram page on Thursday, August 9, 2018, where he shared a photo of the newly acquired private jet.

“Now we up as Fuck!! And yes MY JET Has landed on Y’all fuck niggas,” he wrote on his Instagram stories. Fans and admirers of Davido will be going wild in jubilation as he adds a jet to his luxury items making him one of the richest celebrities from this side of the world.

Well, Davido has been hardworking and it is fine if he decides to spoil himself with a private jet to fly around the globe. It would be recalled that a few months ago, the music star gave us a hint of buying a private jet.

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