Here’s how to get the ultimate pedicure experience at home

You don’t have to go to the salon to get a world-class pedicure. Here’s the ultimate guide to your DIY pedicure experience.

Harmattan approaches and it’s time to get our feet out; it’s sandal season. But before you bring out those toes, you probably need to get them ready for their big debut. We know professional pedis can be pricey so here’s how to get the ultimate pedicure experience at home.

Check out the ultimate step-by-step guide that will get your feet ready for all the open-toe shoes summer has to offer.

Step 1: Soak

Fill the tub with warm water and add a bath or spa product that will help you relax while you let your feet soak for 10 minutes so can they soften for easy removal of dry skin and calluses.

Step 2: Clip

Now that your feet are moist, you can start clipping your toenails. Cut each nail evenly and equally, making sure the clippers are always angled in the same direction.

Step 3: File

After clipping, dry off your toenails before you start filing so you don’t cause damage. Then, position the file directly under the nail, filing very softly. Most people opt for square nails and try to avoid overly round shapes because they can sometimes lead to ingrown toenails.

Step 4: Buff Up

Once you’ve filed and clipped, use nail buffers to lightly go over nails. You can buff, polish and shine all in one step to get them nice and smooth.

Step 5: Cuticle Time

Massage cuticle oil into your nail beds and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen them up before pushing back.

Step 6: Push Back

Use a wooden stick made of birchwood or orangewood to push back the cuticles. Make sure to hold the stick at a slight angle and push toward the nail base.

Step 7: Exfoliate

Wear exfoliating gloves while massaging feet in a circular motion to get rid of dry, flaky skin.

Step 8: Lose the Calluses

For an allover silky-smooth feel, use a callus-removing tool to get rid of any leftover spots of dry, hardened or cracked skin.

Step 9: Brush

Give feet one more good cleaning by brushing off any hard-to-get dirt. Select a brush that has light bristles so it’s easy on the skin and the delicate nail bed. Rinse feet with cool water when you’re done and drain the water.

Step 10: Moisturise

Using a circular motion, apply a generous amount of moisturizer.

Step 11: Hone in on Heels

If you need to pay a little extra attention to your heels, which are often a trouble spot, apply a heel-specific product that penetrates deep into crevices and cracks.

Step 12: Colour Prep

You’re almost ready to add colour, but first you need to remove the moisturiser as well as any old polish from your toenails to ensure the new coats of colour adhere properly. Swipe each toe nail with a cotton ball or pad that’s been doused with nail polish remover. Then position a toe separator on each foot to keep your paint job perfect and make it easier to walk around with wet toenails.

Step 13: Paint

Apply two even coats of polish, making sure the first is completely dry before applying the second.

Step 14: Maintain

Now it’s just about maintenance! Apply a top coat of polish refresher every other day to keep toes shiny. This product can be a little pricey, but you’ll be amazed at how long your pedicure will last. Give it a go!

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