5 Reasons why JOS is considered the breeding ground for Nigerian entertainment industry

Jos is one of the popular city in Nigeria, it is in the middle belt region of Nigeria with a population of almost 900,000.

The cool and nice weather of the city has made it one of the best places to live or visit when you are in Nigeria almost all well to do Nigerians ( politicians, musicians, actors, etc) has lived or has a little history with the city of Jos.

The Nigerian music entertainment industry in particular is filled with entertainers from the city of Jos, and most of them will tell you “na Jos open my eyes” or “thank God for Jos“. It is safe to say Nigerian music entertainment industry will not be where it is today without the input and influence of musicians from Jos. People like :

  • Panam percy paul
  • 2baba
  • Dan Maraya
  • Jeremiah Gyang
  • P Square
  • MI
  • Jesse Jags
  • E Kelly
  • Yung el
  • Solomon lange
  • Ice Prince and many more

Over the next few days we will give you 5 reasons why we think JOS is the heart beat of Nigerian music industry. Keep following NGtunes for more updates.

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