Music Alert: Rapper called Sniper the enemy “The Sniper Story”

The story of “Sniper” is no longer a news to us, we have all seen and heard of what a common insecticide can do, “Sniper is now the enemy”

The rate of suicide among Nigerian youth today is on the increase and it is obvious that depression is the main causative agent and Sniper is quickest option to commit suicide.

This song “The sniper story” by Liron a fast up-rising rapper from Jos, featuring the sensational Mary David (the princess of Uptown Group), delivers a clear message of hope to everyone going through depression and is thinking of committing suicide.

The rhythm and content of this song will not just inform, encourage and enlighten you on the dangers of making Sniper the last option. It will also make you want to dance and forget about the life issues.
Many factors increase the risk of developing or triggering depression, including: Having issues that negatively impact self-esteem, such as obesity, peer problems, long-term bullying or academic problems. Having been the victim or witness of violence, such as physical or sexual abuse.
We need to educate people on how to stock and use Sniper, because even its presence in the house is tempting enough to make one commit suicide without a second thought.

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