Music Alert: “No condition is permanent” by Neken Chuwang Finally Out

With an art like Neken’s one can only say the future of music is promising.

No condition is permanent,is a new song by Neken Chuwang an art that is the true representation of the #jos to the world movement.

The smooth, easy listening song by the artist seems to have been inspired by the artist’s experience of just graduating from the University and being enrolled into the NYSC.

As the title suggests it is obvious, that the message he wants to pass to his ever-growing volume of fans and audience is that every unpleasant situation is prone to change. Indeed the theme of the song can not be over emphasis and we can’t hear enough of Neken’s musical piece

With what we have heard from his previous work, we can only expect this new song to be “fire” and nothing of shorts.

Click here to Download

Download Neken’s Grateful Album here

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